June 21, 2018

Top 10 Facts About Golf

Whether you are an avid player or lapsed golfer, there are some facts about the game that you should know. With the game’s interest and latent demand at record levels, we are happy to bring you the “Top 10 Facts about Golf” to share with family, friends, colleagues or random playing partners at your local golf course.

1. Golf is the No. 1 outdoor pay-for-play individual participation sport

2. 32 million Americans participate in golf annually at on-course and off-course venues.

3. 2.6 million people tried golf for the first-time last year, the most in history and continuing a four-year upward trend.

4. More than 14.9 million Americans are "very interested" in playing golf, an all-time high.

5. More than 6.2 millenials spend more than $5 billion annually on golf.

6. Approximatley 20 million Americans are committed to the game and are repsonsible for 95% of all spending on golf.

7. More than 75% of golf courses are open to the public with an average green fee of $34.

8. The annual economic impact of golf in $84.1 billion, greater than the spectator sports and performing arts industries. Golf impacts nearly two million jobs in the U.S.

9. Golf as a fundraising vehicle generates nearly $4 billion annually, more than any other sport.

10. Junior golf participation has grown more than 12.5% in the past five years. Of the 2.7 million junior golfers, 35% are females and 25% are non-Caucasian. 


Sources: National Golf Foundation, TEConomy Partners

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