January 29, 2019

Five Questions with Cathy Harbin, Get Golf Ready

1. What was the original goal of Get Golf Ready

As a golf industry, we knew a couple of things: There was a significant amount of people trying golf every year, but not staying in the game, and we knew there was a significant amount of people who wanted to try golf, but did not know where to start. Get Golf Ready (GGR) was positioned to be the easy entry into golf by showing a path to enter the game, as well as provide tools for retention.


2. Over 4,000 golf facilities have participated in GGR in the past 10 years. What is a general feedback from these facilities?

For many facilities, GGR has become the backbone of their instructional programs. They have appreciated the pre-planned curriculum and available collateral to promote and run the events. Others have used the concept of GGR as inspiration to create their own entry-level instructional program.


3. What do statistics and participant feedback say about entry level group instruction?

First, the retention statistics for a GGR graduate are exactly the result we need from an entry-level instructional program. 80 percent of all graduates are playing about 10 rounds of golf after their first year and it goes on to have 70 percent of graduates playing five years after they started GGR. Plus, 66 percent of participants are women, so the program taps into necessary diversity as well. The graduates spend on average $1,000 per year, so the program has been highly successful from a revenue perspective for many facilities. Overall feedback from participants has been great. They have said they learned from the program and felt as if they have made a connection to golf. GGR golfers have also said that their favorite part of the program was their instructor, and 98 percent said the program met or exceeded their expectations.


4. How has GGR evolved? 

When GGR was first launched, we thought offering the curriculum to golf professionals was the most important element. Now, we realize the most important thing is to connect those wanting to learn how to play golf with those eager to teach it. As a result, GGR has evolved from just a curriculum to an informative and helpful web destination where future golfers can find resources to “get golf ready.” We know there are many terrific, entry-level instructional programs and now the updated GGR website hosts all of those facilities who have sent in information, making it extremely easy for those interested to find a GGR program near them. Of course, the curriculum is still available to those wishing to use it.


5. What does the future look like for GGR? 

We have a couple primary goals: First, when anyone says, “I would like to learn to play golf”, we want the answer to be “You should try Get Golf Ready.” Secondly, we feel the golf professionals in the field grinding it out to teach these grassroots programs should feel a great sense of pride for the contribution they are making to the future of golf. We hope the website gives them a chance to show off their programs and grow their program participation.

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