Fitness Benefits

Playing the game of golf can improve your quality of life. Walking nine or 18 holes of golf (with or without a cart) can help oxygenate the body, improve posture and renew your spirit.


Playing golf has many fitness benefits. For those who play golf four times a week and walk the course, you can expend nearly 8,000 calories.

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Did You Know?

  • Walking 18 holes is equal to a 5-mile walk or 3.5 to 4-mile run.
  • Playing golf and walking 18 holes can burn up to 2,000 calories.
  • Golfers exceed 10,000 steps in a typical round of golf – which meets the recommended guidelines for daily exercise.

Low Impact, High Benefits

When walking and playing golf, the game can improve your quality of life by oxygenating the body and improving posture.

How Far Does the Average Pro Golfer Walk Each Year?

The estimated average miles walked per season for a PGA TOUR Pro: 319 miles! 

How far exactly is 319 miles? Well that’s the same as…

  • 12 marathons (with one and a half 5Ks left over)
  • 10,268 laps of an Olympic pool (so, a brisk warm-up for Michael Phelps)
  • 17,918 lengths of an NBA court (also known as the never-ending "ladder" drill)
  • 5,614 lengths of an NFL field (a much more manageable 4,679 lengths if you include the end zones)
  • 7.8 times as many yards as Peyton Manning threw in his career for the NFL record (he could eat a lot of Papa Johns in that time)
  • 14.7 percent of the Tour de France (just keep pedaling!)
  • The distance between Monterey, California, and Los Angeles (just 64 miles short of LA to San Francisco)
  • 6.7 lengths of Rhode Island, from North to South (8.6 from East to West)
  • 0.13 percent of the way from the Earth to the Moon (hey, that’s just 749 seasons of walking, one giant leap after giant leap)
  • 1,907 lengths of the Titanic (if you need a break, we heard there's still water in the oceanliner's swimming pool)
  • 47 times the depth of the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean (bring a flashlight)
  • 43 times the cruising altitude of a passenger jet (this is not a recommended altitude for golf, or existing)

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