Water Responsibility

Among the most important issues facing the future of golf is water use. In some parts of the country, courses require large amounts of water to irrigate the landscape. For several decades, the golf industry has recognized its responsibility to reduce water use and become less reliant on potable irrigation sources. This multi-faceted approach includes development of:

  • New grass varieties using less water or can tolerate poor quality water,
  • New technologies improving the efficiency of irrigation systems,
  • Best management practices in course maintenance resulting in less water use,
  • Alternate water sources to reduce or eliminate use of potable water,
  • Design concepts to minimize area maintained with grasses requiring less water,
  • Educational programs for Golf Course Superintendents about water conservation.

The Real Facts About Golf Course Water Use

  • 92% - Use wetting agents to aid in water retention and efficiency.
  • 83% - Report protection of water wells.
  • 78% - Use hand-watering techniques for increased precision.
  • 65% - Report upgrades to irrigation systems.
  • 15% - Utilize municipal water supplies.


Watch videos from the USGA Water Summit.

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